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Why Choose Amica?

Why Choose Amica?

“Our mission is to become our client’s favourite supplier”

Increase Your Company’s Productivity

Many times, productivity is equated with employee head counts. However, productivity is based on a whole range of factors. Amica can show you how to unlock barriers to increase productivity by utilising technology.

Simple changes to your infrastructure can mean that your employees are more productive because they are not waiting around for an egg-timer. Talk to us!

Please help! I need to switch IT support:

This is a tough one! You’ve already been through the pain of choosing an IT Support partner, and for whatever reason, the current provider is not suitable anymore but because of the perceived pain of changing you have just stuck it out. Now the pain is too great and you are seeking the easiest route for transition – but how do you know it will be right this time?

Let us come and have a chat with you. We’ve taken over the IT support for lots of unhappy businesses, and we’ve always managed to quickly turn around the perception of ‘The IT Department’. For us, it’s a no-brainer… All we have to do is simply look after you and take away your IT headaches.

We don’t specialise in any one sector like some IT Support and Service companies. We prefer to maintain a broader level of technical knowledge and where useful, cross-fertilise ideas from one sector to another.

However, we thought it would be useful to provide some examples of the sectors we cover.


We make it simple for charity and not-for-profit organisations to stay in touch with their donors and attract new ones, all while cutting overheads and boosting ROI through more efficient IT systems.


All our engineers are CRB checked and cleared. We work directly with Microsoft Education and hardware vendors to make sure you’re getting the discounted licensing, hardware and benefits available to you.


Fully integrated software systems together with seamless platforms for number-crunching, risk analysis and portfolio management helps our clients in the financial industries appease even the most demanding investors.


In an industry where response time is everything, we create ultra-efficient IT systems that make recruitment businesses faster and more agile.

Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team...
Let us help take the stress out of your IT, let us manage your IT infrastructure.