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Professional Services

Professional Services

Our mission is to become our clients’ favourite supplier. We achieve this by delivering bullet-proof, disaster-proof and future-proofed managed services.


Our specialist project team understand your requirements and will find the perfect solution to help you run your business but without the huge price tag. Read More


The world of modern IT is dynamic and always changing. With companies growing fast, the option of Virtualisation is a smart choice. Servers that are capable of growing to suit your needs without the need of repeat investment. Read More

IT System Review

When dealing with the most important part of your business, it’s important to know that you’re not a risk from system failure. Sometimes you may want a second opinion on a quotation you’ve been sent. Read More


pfSense is a passion of ours, we have seen it grow from a side project to a fully-fledged enterprise networking platform. Read More

Network Health Checks

A full audit and health-check of your network will give you a detailed report, that contains recommendations to make sure your network is safeguarded and right for your business. Read More

Penetration Testing

Are you confident that your network is secure and that yours and your customers’ data is safe? Our penetration testing (ethical hacking) service allows you to have peace of mind that your systems are not exposed. Read More

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