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pfSense is a passion of ours, we have seen it grow from a side project to a fully-fledged enterprise networking platform. We have used it in every deployment we can, from home users to running our server farms in datacentres, and it has exceeded our expectations every time. We have successfully replaced many closed source commercial firewalls with pfSense.

pfSense offers scalability from homes and small offices all the way to enterprise usage, with advanced features such as intrusion detection, gateway anti-virus scanning and monitoring.

The flexibility of the platform is one of its greatest asset, packages and advanced functionality can be added and removed as required. Being open source means pfSense offers complete transparency and high security, the source code is available for inspection at any time meaning bugs and security flaws are quickly detected and fixed. Best of all open source means there are no licencing fees, pfSense is free to run and upgrade for life, no more annual fees to keep your firewall working.

So if you want an enterprise grade firewall with a low TCO for your business, get in touch today or visit our shop.

Ian Turner
Technical Manager & pfSense Guru

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